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KPFF radio is a Non-Commercial/Educational FM radio station serving the town of  Pahrump, Nevada as well as the Pahrump Valley in southern Nevada.

This new broadcast outlet provides a public service to that rural, desert population by broadcasting locally-oriented entertainment, educational, informative, and urgent or emergency programming to the community and the surrounding areas of Johnnie, Crystal and the Nevada Test Site. 

Fires, floods, winter storms, power outages, highway blockages, etc. are not uncommon disruptions to these areas. If such situations occur, KPFF would be the most efficient means of communication between public safety (police/fire/health/hazmat) agencies and the general population, serving its needs for information and comfort via the public airwaves.

Residents are not KPFF's only audience. Travelers to the Pahrump Valley come to visit friends and relatives, participate in various races, golf and, in general, enjoy their particular brand of recreation throughout KPFF’s coverage area.

Our research has shown that a large portion of the valley's population listens to our 50’s and 60’s rock ‘n’ roll, doo wop, 50’s R & B, and Northern Soul.

Talk radio should not be overlooked and it isn’t. Presently KPFF produces four original talk programs per week and more are in the planning stage for broadcast in the near future.

Several articles about KPFF have appeared in both the Pahrump Valley Times and the Pahrump Mirror newspapers. Those have spurred much interest and locals that are “in-the- know” predict a bright future for the county's only Free-Speech radio station- KPFF!

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